If you want to buy the hangbag or wallet, you can visit this website:

 http://miu138.wixmall.com Password: 9

How to make the order with the hangbag or wallet?

1. You will see the handbag or wallet price (chinese: 市场价), but the price in CNY, you can exchange the CNY for USD or Euros by

yourself, so you will know the bandbag /wallet price in USD or Euros, this price is inculding the shipping cost

2.  If you want to buy the other soccer products on our website , you can make the order with these products on website and send the

order number for us by email, then send the link of handbag/wallet you want to order by email

3. We will send the order all total price and the payment detail for you  by email , so you can pay

4. If you dont see the price on the hangbag /wallet , you need to contact us by email

5. If you only buy the handbag/wallet without the other products, your order total price less than 100 usd , you need to pay extra

shipping cost 10-30 usd.

Our email : wholesaleaaasoccerjersey@gmail.com

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